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Hello everyone,

Great to become a member

I purchased privately a 2015 DB9 Carbon in black with a black interior this January
It is a great car, 24k miles with a FSH
Bit of a risk with a private buy, but so far so good.
The seller had the car for 4 years and I think it was a trophy and and not driven a great deal but serviced as per schedule, a good car to find IMO

The only issue I have had to deal with so far is the condensation build up in the rear lights for which I sealed up the lens to body joint and added a couple of extra breathing holes with breathable Gore-Tex patches which seem to work. (praise to YouTube)

I have a challenge with chipped crystal Key fob and the buttons on the valet key are vey worn
I will need a pair of rear tyres soon P zero were the OEM choice and I will probably stick with them, if anyone can tell me what the approximate expected mileage could be with sensible driving I may be able to work out how the original owner drove .

I am very much into detailing and have machined polished the car with a dual action machine 2 stage compound and polish, and then have applied a ceramic coating, there is a YouTube video which I watched, and I can honestly say i was able to see the metallic flake in the paint "appear to stand out" as the detailing world call "Pop" I think

I use the car as a daily driver but commute to work by train only a couple of days a week but do leave it at the station, and my wife takes it the supermarket or to the shopping centre during the week
I am looking forward to some iconic drives, maybe in Scotland or down to Italy across the Alps, hoping the fuel price will stabilise.

I gave up a really nice Porsche 997 mark 2 with its PDK gear box, and am getting used to the DB9, the auto box took a bit of time, on simple things like pulling out of a junction and general overall responsiveness but the DB9 is a heavier car, I can confirm it is easy to forego with the comfort and luxury I have now.
I have to say people tend to let me pull out of junction in this car more than the 997

So far so good

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