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Hello, I have somme questions about the DB9

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Hello, My name is Charentin,

I plan to buy a DB9.

Any advice ?
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Welcome to the forum "Charentin"

which model?

make sure its got a Maintenance (service)?
check all the Buttons (should be well) and the car Balance?

I don't know about the Tyre!! may some help from others.

The Db9 is a well rounded car. As far as service costs its not to bad as long as you keep up with the car. The V12 engine has power, as well as looks i own a service shop in costa mesa, i use to work at a dealer as a tech. Feel free to conact me for more info.
Hello, My name is Charentin,

I plan to buy a DB9.

Any advice ?
It should be one of the most reliable options out there...if you will be very attentive to the oil system.

Otherwise go for the manual Coupe, the TouchTronic is a fine transmission, but is a compromise. There has been a small issue with the automatic version "park regime", but I think it's been dealt with.
Older cars should be strong so long the oil system is maintained.

I would avoid the Volante version at all cost.

Lastly, waiting for 3 years is the best option for you...
Once they get the DB9 replacement into production, prices will bottom (possibly like the DB7's). I doubt the cosmetic makeover due in 2011 will pull the prices down, so consider waiting a bit.

That is all for now
Good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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