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HELP? Turn signals make all lights go off

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Hi All,

I have a 2003 GTA which I got a few months ago and use as a daily driver.

This week it has developed a problem when you use the turn signals (indicators) then all the lights go off (Head/side/dash/tail). Obviously this is bad when you are driving.

I have checked the relays and swapped with known good ones but the problem still exists.

Funny thing is that if you press lightly on the stalk then everything works but if you press all the way past the "click" to full on then the lights go off.

Any help would be much appreciated as I'm a couple of hours from the dealer and up to my neck in work during the day.

Thanks in advance.

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Problem Solved!

Took the indicator stalk out (you don't even have to remove the steering wheel) and guess what. Small green wire had come disconnected. There are a pair of these wires coming off the stalk and when you signal they move slightly and this obviously broke the wire over time. There is a small tie wrap that is supposed to be a strain relief but there wasn't enough slack so I fixed this with a new tie wrap in a better location and re-soldered the wire.

Total cost of fix $0

Things are good again.

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