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Help Vantage V8 starts then cutts out+parts required

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Help required please, I have Vantage V8 2006, purchased as accident damaged to front and off side but have a problem; every time you start the car it starts the engine then cutts out. I think it is the fuel cutt off switch but cant find it, I found battery cutt off okay. Any ideas ?
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Throttle Body

I have it from a reliable source that the throttle bodies on V8's tend to get sludged up a lot.

Remove and give it a good clean out. spray plenty of carb cleaner in there and get a cloth in and give it a damn good cleaning.

This cures a few idle problems, but in this case is a 50/50 gamble.

It could be the idle speed control valve is all gummed up and not allowing a tickover at all.

the fuel rail should have a vale at the end, after it stops, and before the engine is too warm, unscrew the plastic cap and depress the centre pin. If fuel squirts out under pressure then you know the fuel is getting into the rail and staying there even when it cut's out.

If no fuel comes out then work your way back... fuel pressure regulators, cut offs, filters, pumps etc..
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