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Hello All,

Im new here and a soon to be owner. I am looking to buy a 2006 V8 Vantage with 44K miles in California. The seller wants $55,000 and I just did a Carfax and it looks like there was some frame/unibody damage from an accident a while back. The car looks and drives fine now. Is this a big problem? should I still buy it? It looks like a good deal but I don't know anymore?

Please help!
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take it to the local dealer and let them do the 140 point check.

if u want to do it by ur self i can get the point list for u...

good luck

I wouldn't buy an AM with frame damage - especially not an '06 Vantage at $55K. You can look at online sites like Hemmings, & even eBay & find deals close to that price without the worry of frame damage. Even if it checks out mechanically & structurally it will always be on Carfax if you try to sell it in the future.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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