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Hi everyone!! New, very excited V8 Vantage S owner here :)

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Hello guys! Just bought a new v8 vantage S yesterday! im gonna receive the car tomorrow and im super excited!! Anyway, just saying hi, will post pics when i receive the car.
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Go for it I say. its your car and your money at the end of the day so it matters not what others think or say.

To be honest I would not expect anything different coming from Dubai area as a lot of cars out there are Gold and probably REAL SOLID Gold too!!!!!!!!!:D

Enjoy your new toy.:)
You asked for opinions so you must believe it matters what others think. Here's my opinion: It looks like an expensive way to make the car look cheap.
Often times less is more. And more often than not, more is simply more.
I am astonished at how great that turned out, I am now a huge fan of gold! :O

Let me know if you would like a set of ADV.1 wheels or a Fabspeed exhaust to put the icing on the cake :)
I am also astonished. So much so I found it difficult to control my gag reflex.
Beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder.
In this case, I might suggest an appointment with a well qualified ophthalmologist ASAP.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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