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Hello guys! Made an account long time ago when i used to have a db9, then got a gallardo, and just bought a new v8 vantage S yesterday! im gonna receive the car tomorrow and im super excited!! Gonna make it look very different. planning to wrap it in a special color exactly like my gallardo. Anyway, just saying hi !! will post pics when i receive the car.

What do you guys think of the color? i know im going to get mixed reactions and people saying "OMG DONT DO THAT TO AN ASTON!!" anyways, have a look! i'm also getting the dragon 88 Badges for the car to go with the color:

And my old aston </3 i miss it

honest opinion guys :)
Go for it I say. its your car and your money at the end of the day so it matters not what others think or say.

To be honest I would not expect anything different coming from Dubai area as a lot of cars out there are Gold and probably REAL SOLID Gold too!!!!!!!!!:D

Enjoy your new toy.:)
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