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Hi to all

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Just joined the forum and looking forward to becoming more familiar with my own V8 Vantage with a little help and learning more about these magnificent machines.
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Welcome to the club, MYAM! I've had my 2010 roadster (V8 - stick) for going on two years now. 37K miles. Clutch just starting to slip. Mechanic says they're usually good for about 30K miles with medium driving. I don't drive mine hard very often. In addition the O2 sensors tend to go bad. The upstream (2 upstream and 2 downstream). You can buy them at - a GREAT site to visit - and replace them yourself with a little patience. It's tedious and they're a pain to get to - but satisfying to do yourself if you have half a mechanics mind. And a 22M O2 sensor wrench! Have fun and enjoy your amazing car!
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