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High Number of Ownership Astons

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Hi All,

First post hopefully many more to come! I've been having a look around a few Aston Martins of various descriptions.

There are a couple i have seen that have 6+ owners and are only 9 years old.

Should this put me off as much as it does? obviously it's a concern if i become the 8th or 9th owner of a car at such a young(ish) age.

Whats your thoughts?? Avoid the high ownership ones unless a very good price?
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Doesn't seem strange to me.

I keep a car a very long time but in my experience, the more expensive a car, the more owners and shorter time of ownership. This works for me since I can buy a 6mo-1 year car with 2K miles on it at a substantial discount to MSRP/new.

I think a lot of guys who like higher end cars just like to sample them for a little while and then move on to the the next thing. Just a certain "try it out" mentality. It's hard/expensive to own them all at once but being a serial buyer/seller and taking the financial hit is just an expensive hobby for some and a cost of admission.

I wouldn't necessarily be put off. However, just be aware as a car gets older and more affordable, it starts to attract buyers that may not be prepared for the maintenance costs on a higher end car. The cars may get cheaper but the maintenance doesn't. So just get comfortable that the car has been maintained to your standards by the seller.

Just my off the cuff thoughts.
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