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How good is the AM V-6?

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Hi guys,
Just happened to be scanning Aston Martin ads recently, and I was surprised to see V-6 cars from '94,95,96,97 to be in the $40K asking prices. I never knew an AM could be this affordable, but what do you know about the quality or durability of the non-8 or 12 cylinder motors?
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The Aston Martin is not as reliable as your Ferrari. That is why the price of Aston Martin's take such a big hit in depreciation.

Welcome to the site. I agree, cost of maintaining a V12 Ferrari is high. Cost of maintaining any of the V8s up to the F355 are not (except for labor on the 355 engine you are fine) higher than an Aston Martin IMHO. I had a bad experience with a Virage, granted it was not a I6.

I always thought the DB7 shared some parts with Jaguar and had general reliability issues.

Thanks for the clarifications and great info.

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