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Immobiliser Issues

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Newbie here (please go easy:()
I have a DB7 from 2003 that I left over the winter laid up in the garage, I haven't owned it for very long.
Now that the decent weather has arrived it won't start:confused:
The engine turns over but the immobiliser kicks in and the light comes on, on the dashboard.
How can I reset this and get it to start again?
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Obd ii

Kanske funkar en OBD II reader? En sån som man släcker "check engine" lampan med?

Låna en sån och prova.......kan hända det ligger kvar i datorminnet.....annars prova att koppla loss batterikabeln och nollställ den vägen.

Lycka till!

Check the engine by obd2, but don't erase it just know what is the issue first

Thanks for your replies.

I've managed to get hold of pages 6-37 through to 6-46 of the workshop manual which deals with the PATS

I've got a OB2 cable but I don't know if it will work on the DB7 (I use it mostly on my Audi 80 and A4 connected via my laptop with VagCom)?
Then I'll need some DB7 software

I've disconnected the battery and tried reset it that way but still it wouldn't go.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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