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Hello AstonMartinLife Members,

We have found that many customers and forum members are not fully aware of the service that Intercity Lines provides. We would like to take this opportunity to explain and show some photos of the steps Intercity takes in loading a car for transport.

Photo#1 & Photo#2
Upon arrival the drivers will perform a complete walk around inspection, noting VIN# and mileage of vehicle and condition of outside of the vehicle.

Next step will be to place a floor mat in the car and cover the drivers seat with a plastic cover.

Photo#4 & #5 & #6
The vehicle is driven on to the lift gate keeping the car level and lifted up and driven into the transporter.

The vehicle is driven into the transporter. Please note all our transporters are equipped with hardwood floors, drip barriers to protect lower level vehicles from upper level vehicles.

We use only nylon wheel saddles to secure the car down, over the tires only no chains, hooks or tensioners on the frame or undercarriage.

Once the vehicle is completely secured in the transporter we cover the vehicle with a cloth car cover and a plastic cover for added protection.


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