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Interior control switch identification

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As I am new to the vehicle which is a 1998 Volante and no owners manual came with and I am to find not available in the U.S. or UK reliance in now on your input to educate me. There is a 3 position toggle switch at the front of the console that reads S N 1, second behind the lighter is a switch with a half moon and one with a ll sign. What is the function of each of the three? Thanks in advance-Colin
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The half-moon switch and II switches are to do with the cruise control; the half-moon is (I think, on/off), the II is to 'pause/resume (I think) and there is also a push button on end of the LH stalk for increasing speed (again, I think). The 3 posn rocker switch is for setting the auto gearbox to Sport, Normal or 1 (low gear - eg snow/ice).
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