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Introduce myself.

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Hi All,

I am Philippe, 44 years old, currently leaving in UAE, and about to buy a 2006 Vantage; so I have a similar question than Andrew, but not the "funny aspect" of the car as I am sure a Vantage is a great car to drive.
My question is rather, is it an expensive car to maintain :(? Is it a reliable car :mad: ?

Thanks for your advices.:)

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I was curious about the same things. You hear about Ferraris and the weak clutches, water pumps and the infamous timing belt issues. But I do not hear much about the service issues of these Aston Martins.
Overall Astons from the DB7 forward are pretty reliable. Maintenance costs will run in the GBP 2-3k a year and it is very important to adhere to the factory schedule. Only major issue that comes to mind is the automated clutch on the Vanquish.

Regarding Vantages, early ones are a bit under powered. If you can stretch, get a later one with the new larger engine.

A lot of people run their Vantages as their daily cars with no problems, as stated above as long as you keep to the Aston service schedule you should have no issues.

Good luck and enjoy the aston thrill
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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