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"Now I have a check engine warning stating "emissions systems service required"!

Wth???!!! And what next???? What sucks is I'm currently 400miles from home. We head back tomorrow and I just hope this isn't something major as in a clogged converter or something. That would leave us stranded on the highway I'm sure."

Welcome to the world of Aston Martin ownership! In October of 2013, I purchased a 2007 DB9 Volante with 18,500 miles on it. It was the same . . I've owned a couple of BMWs and a 911 C4S and never even considered AM but thought, what the heck?

- Faulty passenger's side airbag sensor
- Faulty back-up/parking sensors
- A leaking engine-oil gasket (requiring two long-term stays at the dealership)
- A leaking transmission fluid line
- Water saturated the boot-well when it rained
- Passenger-side tail-light assembly blew out
- Emissions Service warning light came on (accompanied by a terrible rattling from underneath the car - possibly a catalytic converter?) that magically corrected itself
- Faulty passenger-side window seal that caused an infuriating whistle at above 40 MPH
- Stability Control System warning light came one but ALSO magically corrected itself
- Rear brake pads were almost completely worn out
PS - My fuel gauge almost never shows totally 'full,' unless I stand at the fuel pump and force in an extra half-gallon or so (with the fuel nozzle's trigger annoyingly popping 'off' ever few clicks).

In addition, there's just a general sense of poor build quality. The car's suspension is so awfully sorted that I wonder whether the engineers were just playing a joke to see what they could get away with? The shocks slam over minor bumps and small road imperfections (transmitting the impact into the cabin, causing the doors and dashboard to rattle) but simultaneously bounce and float over larger bumps and undulations like a 1970 Cadillac. The brakes are mushy and the steering rack (while precise and communicative - probably the car's best feature) sends cheap feeling shutters up though the wheel whenever the car encounters mid-corner bumps.

I understand the frustration. I filed a Lemon Law suit against the dealership and intended to take the money and buy another Porsche, but I'm finally getting the car sorted out and it's been running well lately so I've decided to roll the dice and keep it.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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