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This key thing is driving me crazy. I have the glass key for my 2009 AM Vantage and would like a spare. NOT GLASS. I can't seem to find the best way to go about getting one. Someone help please. I'm in Omaha NE closest dealer is Minneapolis, MN Thanks
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try redpants i think he has them
They said I would have to go to the dealer. Thanks
i know i saw somewhere that a volvo style or jaguar style remote can be used i may have seen it on 6 ? or possibly youtube , not expensive either
U can program Aston Martin key using ThinkDiag, but u should have the key ID and Seed number.
U can program Aston Martin key using ThinkDiag, but u should have the key ID and Seed number.
Looks like Scuderia doesn't have them in stock, but can order them for you.

The problem you have is that you can program the door lock/unlock with the ThinkDiag, but you can't program the car start portion.

To program the ability to start the car, you need two already working keys. The procedure is as follows...

1) Put one working key in the car and start the car. Immediately remove the key.
2) Quickly put in the 2nd working key and start the car. Immedaitely remove the key.
3) Put in the new key, and if you've done it all fast enough, the system should learn the new key.

I used this procedure to learn a new crystal key for my '09 Vantage in combination with the ThinkDiag to program the door unlock, but I already had three valet keys that came with my car.

As far as I know, without two working keys, your only real option is to go somewhere that has an Aston computer.
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Speak to Chris Jackson at phoenix bespoke the uk..they sorted my spare key and fob…I’m in Canada..super easy to deal with..
OK all. I ordered a Valet key from bespoke. Drove the car to Minneapolis to Morrie's and had it programed. No issues. Now if I want to program one myself I have two programed keys. Who has actually done the two key program and where did you buy it. Thanks.
If you have two keys, you can use the ThinkDiag system with an android phone or tablet to program a third key. You won't need it to program the start function, but you'll need it to program the unlock, lock, trunk, etc. functions. (Note that they have an Apple version of their app, but it's terrible and basically doesn't work at all.)

To program the start function, you simply need to use your two existing programmed keys:

1) Insert Key #1 and turn the car on to the "active" position. (Car on, but engine not started.)
2) Remove Key #1.
3) Very quickly, insert Key #2 and once again turn the car on to the "active" position.
4) Remove Key #2.
5) Quickly insert your new key. The system should notify you that a new key was added, and you should be able to turn the car on from there.

You have to perform these actions pretty quickly. If you hesitate, the system may not program and you'll have to start over.

After that, you can use the ThinkDiag to program the other functions.

I know this works at least up to 2009, which is what my car is, so It works with the keys you put in the column as well as the ECU keys, but beyond 2009 I can't attest to...
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