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Best of luck in resolving this issue. The problem to me is a single issue, the Dealer allowed a car to be delivered to a customer that was not 100%, period. All that has transpired since delivery is on the Dealer.

The salesperson was aware of this problem and diagnosed it from the passenger seat, brilliant. Did the salesperson report the issue to the Service Dept prior to you taking delivery?

I recently purchased a low mileage 2007 DB9. Before taking delivery I required the seller to have the AM dealer perform the 140 point inspection, and service updates along with verification of the vehicle history. After completion I would agree to take delivery of the car.

The AM dealer did a stellar job on the inspection. Subsequent to the purchase I have established a relationship with my local AM Dealer. My experience has been first class in every way, I will be taking the car to the dealer next week to complete a few upgrades to the car.

I sincerly hope that your situation will be resolved to your complete satisfaction.

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