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Hello all, new member here been shopping for a vantage possibly another AM model. I found an 08 v8v I like but the carfax kinda scares me. The car failed emissions at 10k miles, then passed a few days later. Im assuming warranty worked fixed the issue. Then the car was sold and the new owner failed emissions again, then passed a few days later, not sure who fixed it as im sure it was outta warranty by this date but I figure the dealer had to do it. As a dealer myself in Oregon I know a car sold buy a dealer here has to pass emissions up to 90 days since purchase. Im new to AM but not cars by any means. I hardly ever see a car have trouble passing emissions that has under 100k let alone twice. The kicker is the last owner sold it only 3 mths after he got it past emissions. Im worried a major problem might have come to his attention during the emissions failure? Anyone have any experience w/ emission issues on these cars at such low miles? I would be getting it dealer to dealer out of state so I dont get the insurance of them having to fix any emission issues Thanx sorry so long but wanted to be clear. Glad to be a new member, hope to be owner soon!
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