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Looking for a V8 Vantage Coupe avoid a 2006 ??

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I know the 2006 has less power but that's fine I want a comfortable sporty GT car with a manual transmission. We are keeping our 2006 911 coupe for the track & all and out sporty driving

I read that 06 cars have issues with the interior leather shrinkage - not a deal breaker for me . I am only concerned w major mechanical issues and wonder if it is safer to buy something other than a 2006 car ( I believe the first year of production )

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
. .
Thank you !
Pittsburgh PA
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06 0r Later?

Hi there Russ. I have recently purchased a 2007 V8 Vantage and, I must say, I'm ecstatic.
I looked at a few '06 cars and decided not to go with the first model run - always a safe choice in my view.
Many had trim falling off. Only a minor thing, but enough to put me off. I also realised later that the seats were changed in '07 and later models.
All else being equal, go for 2007 and later. You will not be disappointed!
Thank you Stuart !

Thank you Stuart for your advice - it will be a 2007 or later !
Enjoy your beautiful car !
Best !
You want the 2009 yr

Bigger motor and redesigned interior
Thanks Jeff ! Great info ! I will look for a 2009
There was a major upgrade to the 2009 Vantage, Engine went from 4.3L (380HP) to 4.7L (420HP). Also the Console went through a major re-design. So the 2009 is much more desirable than the earlier models. Stay with your plan to get a stick shift—the Automatic transmission on the earlier models suck!
Thank you !

Thank you Dick for your advice !
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