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Looking for help . . . deciding on DB-9 vs. Vanquish

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My virgin post . . .

I’m in the market for a pre-owned Aston Martin and am really interested in the Vanquish or the DB9 coupe. Astons are completely new to me and I am simply in the information gathering stage at this point. I figured it was worth a shot throwing this out on the forum. I came across a similar thread which dated back to 2005 (and one in 2008 that died after 1 post), so I was hoping to get some updated information from folks who have actually owned these cars rather than just taken a ride in one.

Based on my budget and current asking prices, I have been looking at the pre-S Vanquish and DB9s around the 2007 model year (they’re prices are about the same right now). For me, I prefer the exterior looks of the Vanquish but feel the interior is a big letdown. Also, the reliability of the paddle-shift transmission scares me a bit, but that’s only based on what I read on the web rather than any hands-on experience. I really like the interior of the DB-9 and would most likely settle for one with a 6-speed manual. Unfortunately finding a Vanquish with a 6-speed is next to impossible (I came across one and the guy was asking the moon for it).

So the question is, what are some of the real “gotchas” with these cars? I have read numerous times that the Achilles heel of the Vanquish is its paddle shift transmission. Is there really something to this? What about the DB9? I heard its Sat-Nav isn’t that great, but if that’s all, I could probably live with that. Cost of ownership is a big concern for me, so I don’t want to get into a car that is going to be a constant money pit. Any comments in this area would be greatly appreciated.

As for performance, I’m realistic. I’m not going to be pushing this thing to the max since I live in the Washington DC area and have no interest in tracking the car. Therefore 0-60 and quarter-mile times, cornering G’s, brake fade, etc. are all interesting facts that are important to Top Gear, but won’t be tested by me on a daily basis. In fact the car will see occasional weekend use (around 1500-2000 miles per year), but that’s about it. Also, it will pretty much be me in the car (2 vs. 4 seats not a big issue).

I am interested in hearing comments with some real “meat” on them (build quality, usability, cost of ownership, etc). I want to be an educated consumer so I thank you in advance for helping me get there.

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I just traded my DB9 for a 12 Virage and although my opinion is a bit biased, the DB9 is spectacular! I came out of German cars and the DB9 was a very refreshing change. Nothing like British interiors.....
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