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I'd appreciate perspective from the community. I am considering buying a 2017 Aston Martin V12 Vantage S with the automatic transmission. It has about 20k miles on it. It has black wheels, black exterior, black window trim, black-with-red interior -- so, it could play rugby in New Zealand or be a Spinal Tap album.

It is a one-owner vehicle with no CarFax-reported incidents. It does NOT have a full book of service records. I am driving two hours today to go see and drive the car at the dealer that has it.

Highlights from the options list include:
  • AM 700W stereo
  • Exterior carbon pack
  • Carbon side strokes
  • lightweight wheels, satin black

questions for the group:

Market Value -- given that this is an automatic and not the ultra-rare manual version, what do the experts here think the market value such an example is?

Reliability -- What problems should I expect to encounter during ownership where I drive it 2k miles per year?

PPI -- what items should I be sure the PPI tech is looking out for?

Finally, are there any questions I should be asking myself, the dealer or the PPI shop before taking the leap?

Thank you for lending me your expertise.
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