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I recently had a rather unfortunate incident where a friend took my Audi S5 out for a joyride and totaled it. Absolutely great car, and I miss it.

While looking for a replacement, I researched the Vantage quite thoroughly and realized it may actually work for me as my primary and only vehicle.

I only drive about 6-8K miles annually. My problem however, is the ability to move my bicycle in the summer season as well as skis (183CM) in the winter. The trunk of the Vantage is seemingly large in volume, but I'm skeptical of whether or not people who own the car have been able to get larger objects inside.

In the meantime, I've placed an order for a 2011 S5, but I'm meeting with Pat at AM - NE this week to see the Vantage and hopefully, weather permitting, take one out for a drive. I have met Pat before and my father purchased an Elise from him several years ago.

Looking for a used 6sp manual model. Ideally black, but gray may be a good option to keep it subtle.

Truly appreciate anyones feedback. For those of you in the Boston area I've been admiring your cars for years and hope to join you as a fellow owner!

Beacon Hill
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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