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Lotus Esprit Replacement

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I heard recently that the Lotus Esprit replacement will be launched in either late 2006 or 2007. Engine will likely be a V8 and may be turbocharged.

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any spy shots already? haven't heard that one before.

too bad the Esprit is around for a long time already, and i do love that cars line
No spy shots that I have heard of. The comment on the Esprit came from within the Lotus management team.

My opinion, design and engine info - No. Moving production out of the UK - Yes.

Hi All:

The Lotus community think as long as Mike Kimberly is running Group Lotus, the Esprit will be built in The UK. He actually pushed the production date back to 2009 because the car didn't have enough "Lotus DNA". Speculation is mid-engine, Aston V8 power and a price point somewhere around $140,000 (US dollars).

Before the Esprit replacement, look for a front-engined 2+2 with a 350-400HP V6 (probably Toyota power) to compete with the 911???!!! News is some time late 2008 with a price point around $85,000 (again US dollars).

Happy Motoring!

Mark "Feff" Pfeffer
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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