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How do I get to the MAF´s????

All front has to be removed????


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The Maff l think you will find just after the air intake filter. Not
knowing your Aston do not know if you have only one.I have one
because l drive the Aston which is not on this site,although it was the car
which saved Aston Martin GOING DOWN THE DRAIN.

The Maff usually picks up a lot of dirt being where it is and can make
the car run rough.It is not something you can clean the inside of as it is very
delicate,only being a thin wire inside a unit.There is a spray you can buy to
clean it but you need to be careful.You will clean the gauze protecting it as well,
and see the dirt run down and out.
You will only need to undo a couple of jubilee clips as it will sit in between
two sections of piping.Might be a good idea to check pipe for leaves and rubbish
while you have it apart and maybe the air filter,but you need to take wheel off on
mine then the arch liner to get to it.Mine is situated in a box (air filter) which l will be
removing to get a couple more bhp.

If you need any more info,please put which Aston you have,unless l missed it.
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Inside the front each side.....there are the airfilters and the Maf´s.
I changed the filters and cleaned the Mafs.....same problem though.....My OBD II says the left bank`s blend is too rich.....

Do not know what to do now....


Could it now be a case of injectors.If they are pushing to much
out on one bank you would get that.Also there is an adjuster which
l will have to look for.
You could swap a couple of injectors over if in the mood,but will
get back to you ASAP. O.K.


......would appreciate that...

It would appear from those who know that it
is you Lambda on the rich side.It has given up.
If you have not Joined AMOC join it now and
go to BLOXHAM FORUM.Does not cost to join
without being full member ( to blxxdy dear )
You will find two sections ( posts )that give
you lists of parts you can use apart from A/Martin
parts,cheaper but same.Otherwise one or two on E-BAY now.

One of the Projects this Winter.........the car is now put in the garage.....untill 1st of May.
Thanks again and best rgds,

Hi Ben,
Do not know if you fancy doing it,but l will be picking up
where the pipe starts to go through inner wing, joining pipe
to it and filter somewhere in the line.Then picking pipe up again
where it comes back through into engine bay,and rejoining again.
Of course you will need to depressurise the fuel line,which only
involves taking two relays out in boot and turning key.But this
will make filter changing a lot easier and will be done more often.
You can leave the pipes and filters in the wing wells,they will do no
harm and save a lot of work.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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