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Maintenace/UP Keep-costs

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I am new to this forum but have been looking around and really like the Vantage. I could not affor a brand new one but in time it is possible I might get srious about an 08 or 09 V8 Vantage. What long term cost amounts would i be looking at and what are the major issues to be aware of. Im assuming clutch replacement would be on this list. How much? I have done much research on the Gallardos and the money that one has to spend on a Lambo would be to great of a concern to actually be able to enjoy it. Any figures, tips, you can give me would be much appreciated.
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I have a 07 Vantage roadster. Spent $1400.00 last Jan for the routine check up, oil change etc. I had a convertible top computer go out this summer but that was taken care of under warranty. Mine is a daily driver, I have 29,000 miles, i have the paddle automatic and have had no issues with anything else.;)
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