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I am no AM expert; however, I can tell you this about these cars. When you look at a car older than 3 years make sure oil has been changed every 12-18 months no matter how many miles are on the car. I purchased a 2009 car with 6k miles on it that was rarely driven obviously. After I drove it a few times I noticed a small nickel size oil spot on my garage floor. Took the unit in for an oil change and the dealership said that when the car is not driven and sits with no oil changes the front engine seal dries up and cracks. 3000.00 later the oil leak was gone. 300.00 was on parts and the rest was service time, 18 hours..
I spoke to the previous owner when I got the invoice and he mentioned he had only got 1 oil change on the car at 3ooo miles becuase he never drove the car.
Another item is a regualr service for 4 years is 1,500.00.. That is probably the service you will need on your 2008. The car runs on 90w oil.
Great loooking cars, love them!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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