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Major Aston Martin Auction

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In case anyone is interested, there is a major Aston Martin auction coming up in early June in the UK. For details:

is anyone planning on attending ?

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argh, there are always such cool & interesting auctions in the UK :cry:
DJ Dirk said:
argh, there are always such cool & interesting auctions in the UK :cry:
Yes that realy true.. UK is for a Aston Martin Driver a dream. :roll:
Aston events or track days are non-existing here in Europe
well only time i ran into a pretty cool Aston meeting was during Le Mans Classic
then there was lots of fun stuff present.
Agree, I see very few of them outside of the UK. Second largest market is probably the US but very rare in France, Germany, etc.

Actually, in europe Belgium is one of the most important markets
compared on the size of the market (country) and what gets sold here.
there are about 50 new cars sold every year and the used market is active on Astons

now 50 doesn't sound much, but with those pricetags, and only 1 garage here, that isn't very bad
Dirk, 50 is actually sounds pretty high. Any idea how many new Ferrari's are sold in Belgium every year ?

Here is the report on the Bonhams Auction:

Bonhams successfully auctioned a total of £2,409,549 Aston Martin Motor Cars and Automobilia at this year’s all-Aston Sale. Held at the customary immaculate Works Service premises at Newport Pagnell, a highlight was the ‘Hunter Green’ Collection being sold in individual lots totalling £875,400 (including buyer’s premium).

Some variations in price were apparent within the extraordinary nine cars built to identical specification and registered in 1990. The 1990 V8 Vantage was hotly tipped pre-Sale and was duly hammered down to a premium-inclusive price of £133,500 that must set the standard for these cars. Bizarrely the much-fancied 1990 V8 Vantage Volante 'Prince of Wales' fetched a lowish estimate £122,500, while the less subtle 1990 V8 Vantage Volante went all the way to £144.500. The other cars were pretty well on-estimate but worthy of note is the 1990 V8 Zagato selling for £84.000 - at just 902 recorded miles the European buyer has got one of the finest examples available at a price that may well look a bargain in years to come.

Two jaw-dropping figures were achieved outside the ‘Hunter Green’ cars. The first was for the much-anticipated 1966 DB6 Vantage Volante ‘Short Chassis’ (one of three cars made). Strong bidding within the saleroom as well as on the ‘phone from potential buyer worldwide pushed the final hammer price to £255,000, that’s £282.000 including buyer’s premium. £29,900 would buy you a 1990 Virage with £6,000 to spare - it’s also what someone paid for Lot 127, the DB5 Convertible Hardtop and everyone in the room was amazed at the price. The 1964 DB5 Convertible sold for a high market £150,000.

Of the other cars a couple of real bargains stand out, the 1955 DB2 2/4 for £23,575, and the 1968 DB6 Auto for £30,475. Both cars looked to be finished well in nice (Dark Green) paintwork and ready for a summer’s enjoyment. The 1994 Supercharged Vantage Formerly the Property of His Royal Highness, The Sultan of Brunei looked a nice car for £77,400, while another car with famous previous ownership, Lennox Lewis’s 1994 Virage Limited Edition Coupé sold for £41.100.

Two DB7 Zagatos were entered, the 2003 DB AR1 Roadster sold for £122,500, while the aggressive-looking 2003 Zagato Coupé was bid to £120,000 but was one of the few lots not to sell. Both Lagondas did, for only reasonable amounts as is customary for the post-war marque, the 1953 2.6/3-Litre Drophead Coupé going for £19,550, while the 1963 Rapide, the 1961-1964 AMOC Concours winning car, achieved £23,000.

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Boxer said:
Dirk, 50 is actually sounds pretty high. Any idea how many new Ferrari's are sold in Belgium every year ?
Not really sure

but there's only 1 Aston dealer here, so that's how i know that
and there are 3 official Ferrari dealers, one is pretty close by, and i see several new cars a month there when i drive by.
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