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Hi all, I am a newbie and hoping for some advice. First of all can I clarify I am not an Aston owner, would love to be but out of my price range sadly. My query relates to floor mats. I recently attended a local car boot sale and purchased some aston martin floor mats which allegedly came directly from a local aston dealer. They are brand new in the bag and never used. They are in dark green and there are 2 of them for the front of the car. On the bag is says Car 740. AML Part number 83-124608-ABW. It also says RHD on the packet implying they are for a right hand drive car.
My question is are they proper aston mats or replicas. They have the aston emblem embossed on them and look expensive.
All responses welcome as I only bought them becuase they were cheap and have no use for them.
It also comes with 2 aston martin seat belt restraints, the things that go on the seat belt at shoulder level and stop it running on you.
Any thoughts ?
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