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All South Jersey/Philly area car enthusiasts; on May 22, JohnnyDents / AutObsessions will be hosting the years hottest car show/event. This, like our last two, is certainly not to be missed!

Our first show was a spectacular exotic car event that had on display the Legendary Ferrari F40, Lamborghini Murcielago, ultra rare BMW Z8, insane Ferrari 430 Scuderia and countless others! It turned out to be one of the largest Exotic shows ever in our area.
(picture link here )

Not to be outdone, for our second show we wanted to reach out to just our local Philly / South Jersey car guys. We felt like our area deserved a good show as many of the larger, most talked about shows seem to always take place hours away. No offense to any other event, but our Bmw and Bikini show was and is still talked about a year latter...We put it down hard for south jersey and philly!
(picture link here )

So how how can we top 2 back to back great events! Pretty simple in our eyes... combine the best of both! And really how can you go wrong with even hotter cars and hotter girls!

In attendance will be some of the wildest exotics; such as Mercedes-McLaren SLR, Lamborghini Superleggera, and a host of Ferrari's . We're also going to have even more(hotter) girls in bikinis this year and some of OUR areas most rediculous BMW'S,Porsche's,Audi's and you get the point!

And for even more variety, we have also invited our friends from Killer Kreations down for the show! Bringing some of area's baddest bikes with him. Many of you guys have seen his work at the Philly car show.
(link to his site http://www.killerkreations ) So you all there, JohnnyDents & AutObsessions
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