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How long have you had it for?

this car was my dream before i got my DB9.

nice interior..

Had it just over 2 years now. I was originally looking at DB9's until this appeared on my radar, due to the limited numbers and rarity I opted for the GT instead!

It's finished in a Ferrari Colour and the interior looks even better in the flesh (leather really is flesh - lol)

I've NEVER seen another GT in my life yet.. though I have seen several GTA's.

Odd as there is approx half the amount of GTA's built, just not as desirable as the GT.

I have more photo's showing different angles of the interior,, I'll try to find them and get them posted.
Thanks to all for the kind words..

I did promise to get more photo's posted..

This latest post alert just reminded me.

I'll ensure I find some more today :)
gorgeous car! That color sits great on the db7 and that interior!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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