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Ok guys I have had the car for a few days now, it is everyeverything I was hoping for.
I did try to update the Nav CD, the Aston parts department said they don't have any updated CD's availble. I did find out from a friend of mine on the east cost that has the same year Vantage as mine, that a CD from Volvo for the XC car would work. I bought one from my dealer that also sells Volovs. I had the dealer install the CD, but the Nav in my car said it was unreadable!
Any one else try this?
Also I have looked into having a fiber-optic system installed so I can use my I phone as an I pod through the head unit. I would still need to control the music with my I phone. But it would also charge my phone as well. I use GAS a company that is associated with Galpin Aston Martin. They just installed my radar dectector wiring (it is wired into the fuse box, no need for a 12v outlet to be used now) They said there is a kit that they have installed in other Aston's. Anyone here have anyknowledge of this?
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