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Napa drive & photoshoot for 2009 - 9/26/09

I am planning another private drive through the hills of Napa for a lunch stop and photoshoot.

The drive is for Saturday 9/26/09

This is a drive I have done for a long time and is one of the most relaxing drives I plan. Below are a few images from the photoshoot stop we do at a Tuscan themed winery.

For those who have never been on one of my drives.

1. This is not a race
2. Have fun
3. Please bring a two way radio if you can for safety
4. Remember to fill up your car before the drive
5. Make a “pit stop” before the drive.

For those coming from Sacramento, Reno, Stockton, Fresno:

We will be meeting at the Chevron before the Davis Causeway,
4900 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA
Departing at 9:00am on the dot

For those coming from the Bay Area:
We will be meeting you at the Chevron in Winters:
999 E Grant Ave, Winters, CA
Departing there about 10:00am

If you would like to be added to my drives email list, PM with your name and email address

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