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I am a "Car" guy and there is an AM '08 Vantage convertible around the corner for sale.

F430 Spider, SL55 AMG, and an S8 are in my garage right now and adding an AM will be good for Christmas I think. Therefore, I am looking for some advise from the members.

I see that this site is not as active as Ferrari chat where people share information on daily basis with tremendous amount of replies... But I am hoping that someone will answer me.

I know AM is not a typical Toyota and am willing to deal with certain maintenence issues. But what kind of things should I really look into before making the purchase?

08 model with 15K miles so it has been a "garage queen" in some way. THrough the carfax, the car was maintained with records but failed the SMOG test here in CA twice but passed. I could assume that the car was not driven enough.

I would love to hear real things from people who actually own a Vantage V8.

Always Looking For Something Fun To Drive
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