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Neiman Marcus Vanquish Volante

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I have recently acquired a Neiman Marcus Edition, Vanquish Volante. I was lucky enough to get through to the Neiman Marcus order line, when the race to acquire one of ten, began. Once the operator took my info, I was given a special set of numbers to give an authorized Aston Martin dealer, then secured my spot with a healthy down payment. I am currently awaiting a vin number from the factory, just so I can feel like I actually have a car in process.
My wife is over-the-moon on this car, so far, but I wanted to hear some thoughts on the up and coming Vanquish Volante. Please feel free to share pros & cons and experience on how to maintain such a fine breed. Please be gentle, since we have strictly been AMG owners and never experienced the upper class of the Aston Martin marque.

Thank you
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