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...of a 1998 DB7 Volante 3.2.

1) Hello to everyone. I had a DB4 Superleggera many moons ago in Africa and wished I hadn't had to leave it when I left the country....:(

2) I was hoping to pick the brains of the expert owners of the above model on these forums to find out what to look for/beware of on the 3.2 DB7?

I'm already a little concerned as the car was bought from an "exotic car auction" in the US and the only service record available is the one from the "full service centre" that is selling it? I've done some research and am aware of the diff/gearbox needing regular fluid replacement and the car being very sensitive to alignment.

This particular vehicle has just had a "full service" at 37K miles and all belts replaced, as they had to replace the water pump. What are the ramifications of this (apart from the car perhaps being run without sufficient coolant, with all that entails)? Do these water pumps normally go at 37K miles and, if so, why? And did the '98s have the Mk 2 headlight package - I believe the Mk 1s are no longer made and the others are VERY expensive?

From all I've read so far, these are very reliable cars, so I'd hate to buy a dog....

Any help/suggestions/input would be most gratefully received?
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