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First, thanks for any input and responses -

I'm in the market for a lightly used AM and I've narrowed to two cars:

2005 Vanquish S or
2008 DB9 Convertible

Both cars can be purchased at the same price and both have the same mileage (around 10K miles), which is a better buy? Both have been serviced by AM certified dealers, both auto/paddle, the 05 Vanquish S has some minor upgrades, and the 08 DB9 has some high valued, respectable upgrades. I know that description's generic, but first goal is retaining value and sale-ability, second goal is enjoyment, quality, and drive-ability. I just got out of a newer Z06 vette - loved the power and drive but wanting something a little more exclusive.

Again, thanks for any help!!

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Vanquish S: More power
DB9: beautiful and confert

Vanquish S: F1 gear box (some ppl like it some ppl don't)
DB9: can be Auto or manual ( 2008+ is better than 2007- )

i think the DB9 is better because its newer.


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The Vanquish is going up in price, the DB9 is going down.
The Vanquish is already a classic.
It has far more road presence in the flesh than the DB9.
It is and can only be a manual (paddle or stick shift).
Has unbelievable character (I found the DB9 a bit like traveling in a BMW)
and it is a real beast that you have to concentrate to drive. But boy what a drive.

I had the very same choice two years ago. I really wanted the Vanquish but I was nervous after reading negative reports about it.

I followed my heart and I'm glad I did. I have not regretted one second of ownership
It is a fantastic car that has taken me right back to my seventies motoring rootes.
If you have a test drive dont be put off. It takes at least a week to get used to the gearbox. However the more you use it the more you love and appreciate it.

But I would say that wouldnt I!
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