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New comer saying HI~!

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I've been coming to this forum for a few months now, but just registered.

I currently don't have an AM, but am considering AM as an replacement for my vette, in a couple of years. (I have a '02 vette which I owned for 7 years now)

I don't think I'll buy new (I'll let someone else enjoy the new car smell and the big depreciation :D ), but just pick up a few year old Vantage or DB9.
; '06 Vantages with low miles seems to be traded at the half of new price, and '05/'06 DB9s are in similar price range as '07/'08 Vantages.

I'll be coming here to get information and seek for advices when purchasing one.

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welcome to the forum

a clean used car is better than new one the price really dooooooooooown

Thanks for the welcome.

Does anyone here have first-hand experience on both DB9 and Vantage (v8)?
I know DB9 is more of Grand Tourer, and Vantage has more of sporty feel, but I want to hear from actual owners what they think of driving experience on these cars.

I was originally considering Maserati GT or Aston, but heard about the reliability issue of Maserati. It seems Aston has better reputation on that area than Maserati.

Any issue(s) on specific model year that I need to look out for, when searching for Aston? (either Vantage or DB9 - currently leaning bit toward Vantage)

Thanks in advance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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