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New Guy in LA alert. And the usual stupid question

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I've been a Jag owner since 81. Owned several, as well as RR's. My 09 XKR is about to go out of lease, and instead of getting another, I'm buying a A/M.

I'm 60. It's for the garage, day trips maybe to Malibu, Ojai and Palm Springs. Not a daily driver. Definately want a convertible (what's the point, otherwise).

My criteria is simple. I want a pre-2003 model. I know there's a big difference between the 97 through 00 range, from six to twelve cylinder. I've driven both. I'm fine with an older six cylinder. (LA freeways you can some times reach speeds as high as 23 miles an hour!).

So you guys know more than me. Is the 97 six cylinder series that much less a car than a later year 12 cylinder?

Thanks. Look forward to waving to you on the road soon.

PS. I'm buying navy blue, red, or dark green. Too many silver and gray and black cars in LA. Looks like East Germany won.
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Bought an 02, 12 cylinder, six speed manual. Thanks for all the great advice.
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