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Hi everyone,

I have already done a few posts on here (with zero response), I guess members of this forum will only will converse with fellow Aston Martin owners so I have fixed that by buying a DB7 Vantage Volante, six speed manual in Mendip blue with a blue top /blue and orangy brown interior.

Will post some pics later when I get the time to take some glam shots.

Always wanted a DB7 Vantage since I was lucky enough to have worked with a company local to me that designed and supplied the front turn signal/driving light units for the car.

Was also lucky enough to have worked on the Vanquish and DB9 with the same company.

All great cars , never thought I would be lucky enough to own one (until now)

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Congrats and welcome to Aston Martin Life. The site is starting to grow so I'm sure more and more owners will start to chime in with time.

Looking forward to seeing photos of your car. Enjoy it!
Thanks Andrew.

I see you have a Vanquish, I have a photo of myself taken with one of the pre-production pilot Vanquishes that was sent to Autosystems from the Ford proving ground at Dearbourne.

It was taken about 12 years ago on the driveway of my old house , you will notice the car has a British rear plate fitted to the front (it arrived like that), but is a LHD (dont think it was Federal USA though)

The plate has a bit of snow on it because the photo was taken in December and the temp was about -8 degrees C.

I am grinning because I just drove a Vanquish for the first time , it was almost leathal driving it in those weather conditions with the traction control switched off.

Cant remember the vin of that car (it was dark BRG almost black) or even If it had a vin but later found out it was destroyed .

Heres my car.

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Yes I was on AMOC, not anymores though.
Hi, I have moved across on invite from WayneB

Regards, Brendan ( V12 Volante man
Maybe Ohdear is a Cambridge slang term for welcome?:confused:
Maybe Ohdear is a Cambridge slang term for welcome?:confused:
Or maybe " mydear " which we use up in the north:confused:
But I thinks its the same guy Driven66 from the other side;) Wayne using another user name which is in itself strange too but hey ho each to their own.

I just stick to my same user name all the time to avoid confusion:D

Regards, Brendan
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