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New owner general help (parts)

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Hello to everybody here ;)
As a long time british car fan and maniac, you have to be if you drive everyday and own Caterham or LR Defender. There are some pre war Daimler or MG TA in home also so I and my father have decided to buy Aston MArtin... not new but always Aston Martin
I'm new owner (with my father) of DB7 Vantage Volante from 2001. Car suffer small fire demage to the rear quarter window area but it is very minor and even leather interior was intact. But car, as all imported from US, is in sorry state in suspension area and some interior parts. I'm looking for reasonable priced suspension parts new and specialists in leather and woodwork for this model. I wish to restore this car to as new condition but I'm blind now with good source for spare parts. During internet search I have found that DB7 and XJS parts are similar in area of ball joint or rubbers. Are those parts similar or stronger for ASTON?? I found
for second hand parts but suspension has to be new :) I hope to enjoy every mile after all my work. There are some electrical problems but first we have to do with mechanics. Thank you in advance:)
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