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New Owner Questions 2007 Db9

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Recently purchased a very clean 2007 DB9 Coupe, love the car. I do have a few questions for you guys.

1. In Touchtronic Mode the rev limiter seems to come on earlier in 1st Gear than in second or third gear. I would guess the light goes red at around 6200-6400 RPM in 1st and closer to 7000 in 2nd. Does 1st gear have a lower rev limit than subsoquent gears? The owners manual is not specific on this point.

2. When starting the car cold there is a rummbling noise that seems to be exhaust related for the first 100 ft or so then it goes away. After the car is warm it does not do it. My wife say's it sounds like the car has gas, not the good kind.

Everything else is very well sorted and works great. I was fortunate to have an Aston Dealer do the the 140 point inspection before I bought the car. Other than a loose clamp on a hose and a wheel out of balance the car passed with flying colors.

Glad to be an Aston Owner,

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Congratulations, can we get the car photos?

1. its OK.
2.are u sure its from the exhaust!! maybe there are some gravel need vacuum.

No pictures yet, and yes it sounds like it is definately exhaust or muffler related. The car was thouroughly gone over in every area with no red flags, I can live with it as long as it is not a problem. I am sure the dealer wouldd have found a problem if there was one.

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