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Newb question

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I'm a newb, plain and simple. I do not own an exotic car as of yet but it's in my 5 year plan as soon as I get my medical issues taken care of (dialysis is not fun). So to the question. From my past experiences around mx bikes I know that in certain situations the need for a higher octane fuel is a priority. Do any of you AM owners run higher octane fuel in your cars or do you simply fill up on premium petrol at the nearest filling station? I know it seems like a weird question for my first on the board but it's something that has been stuck in my mind forever and a day. :eek:
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This is straight from the manual.
UK - 95/98 RON unleaded fuel only
USA - Premium unleaded

Hope this helps ;)
Thanks, just a curiosity question that had been bugging me.
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