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newbie: Help and Advice.

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Hi guys,

Im new here and I hope you can help me out. im due for a replacement next year. im really interested in buying an AM, however i have some question that i hope you guys can help me. so here it goes.

1. how hard is it to maintain an AM, is it like maintaining a ferrari, porsche,lamborghini and etc. more of what model to be exact? do you have cost of maintenance?

2. what is the usual maintenance for the AM?

3. I live in tropical weather and usually high end like ferrari needs to be put in an ac room. does an AM have to be same?

4. what are the major problems that i have to look for when buying a 2nd hand. is their any way i can find out if it will be a lemon or not? because where i live their is no dealer. so breaking down will be very complicated. can anyone enlighten me on this subject? do you need expert guys to change maintenance on this.

5. any issue on software problem?

6. is it sensitive to the road? some of the roads here are not the good.

7. what can you advice before buying it. like which model year is so far the best and how much should it cost for a db9 and db7 gt.

i am not that good in computers so i might sound stupid with my questions. hope you guys can forgive me. thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
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thank you. we have jaguar dealer here so i think it will be okay. and some independent shop where they service lambo and ferraries and slr. but no dealer ship here except for merc. but still they cannot service the slr. they dont have software for the slr. lol. what do you mean by db9 low ground clearance? ususally they use this lifters . will that be a problem?

any major issues on aston martin db9? or db7? that you have encounter? thank you and i appreciate your help. better be sure this is my first time to buy AM.
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