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Newbie here! Question for the DB7 Crowd please?

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After many marques I am down to the last two cars I have never owned but are on my bucket list, the Aston and a Ferrari...I have had so many others like many of you from the Jags old and new to Maserati,Lambo,Lotus, 3 Corvettes,BMW, Porsche and some odd ones as well including a Renault Alpina and my current baby a Panoz Esperante GT which I WILL NEVER SELL! Unless I need the money...

Now I am down to the DB7 GT(have a lead on one, I know they were rare in the USA) and a Ferrari 456; both have back seats, both are V12. I am looking at these two b/c I need the back seats for the kids; wife says DO NOT buy one more car that we all CANNOT go out in, yes sir I said, I mean mam.

Did anyone compare the DB7 with the 456; I know the rear seats are not much for adults in either but was this a factor in your decision; I am sure that the GT and the reg model are the same cabin size, yes? The differences were about performance, i.e. torque,HP,Dampening, grill etc. as I understand it and nothing to do with body size.

Thnx and I look forward to being on the board, PS I am in ATLANTA...Dogdoc
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Rear space in the GT is better than normal due to the front sports seats shape.

They allow for much more KNEE room, thus you can fit people in the back.

I own a GT and have had full grown people in the back as well as kids... some find it a little cramped but for short journeys it's fine.

Kids, no problem in a GT.. very snug and safe.
thnx for the reply!

Was about to buy one this week BUT it has a branded title;factory buy back for the infamous "squeeking breaks:, the price is great BUT can only get financing for 50% with a "branded" title and I do not want to use my cash since I can get 1.74% for up to 60 months if I want it; not to mention it will be hard to resell.....Doc
The DB7 GT should also be seen as a keeper. A future investment, owing to the low build number etc.
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