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Newbie - hunting a V8 Vantage S

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Hi Guys,

UK based. Thought I’d treat myself to an AM after 6 years in a 6 series Gran Coupe. I thought I’d ask those in the know a few questions as I’m looking for a bit of a steer.

I’m pretty set on the V8S coupe but open to the roadster. I’d prefer the 6 speed manual but having looked for one I think these are pretty rare? How different is the driving experience with the Sportshift II box? I hear it’s a bit jerky.

Also what would the must haves be as far as spec goes? Budget in the region of £60k which should get me close to a 2015 low mileage.

Thanks everyone.
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Definitely be patient and wait until you find a 6 speed manual. Much better driving experience. Also a full service history is a must.
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Hi, Im literally brand new to AML, just registered. Excuse me as I am new to any forum and the use of it.
My background is Porsche, moving thro' the 911's to a GT3. Lovely to own, hard to actually use, and getting on in age for such a car, just uncomfortable for me really.
Changed to the current Vantage in 2019. Maybe over the current budget you intend, but what a car combining speed, excitement and comfort (and various mode buttons to select the above).

When wishing to change from a previous 911GTS to a different manufacturer for a change, I tested the Vantage with the sportshift gearbox, this would have been a 2016 Vantage.
Unfortunately, comparing the AM to the PDK in the 911 was probably unfair. At that time, the AM rep explained about the 'curling of the toe' when changing gear by flappy paddle, and how this was an 'engaging experience'.
Many do love this engaging drive, but for me it felt like a slow gear change response, and the constant attention to lifting your toe off the accerator - distracting.
I really wanted to change to the Vantage then, and tested the car three times, trying to love the 'drive'. At the time, I couldnt make the change as I was in the auto/sportshift/PDK arena.

Id definately suggest the manual on that age of car. I'd also certainly suggest asking your local dealer for a test drive in both (if available). Ive always found the dealerships more than happy to assist. If a main dealer is not where you wish to buy your car, I am sure they will help in your journey, in the hope they will at least have the opportunity to encourage there sale?
Best to get the car that suit you and spend a little time testing out.
Enjoy your experience.
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I agree to choose manual, however the sport shift is not bad at all.
My Background: manual V8 & V10 M5 sport shift. Moved to: sport shift V8s.
Sport shift is adventure it self because same as the manual example: need to remember wht gear ur in, and some rules to have fun and not burning the clutch.
For example driving in traffic u cant drive like automatic gear, u must maintain smooth gentle pressure on the paddle OR when u change gear u must lift ur foot half paddle.
And i love the stupid clutch stull make me laugh while ppl thinks "that idiot doesn't deserve the car he drives 😂".
In my exM5 the paddle have amazing strong click sounds when u change with a paddle makes me want to change more and more 🤭 sounds of G55 doors lock i think. But AM paddle sound normal.
My opinion if u will face a traffic "alot of traffic" the SportShift better. If not then manual all the way its the ultimate experience.

Excuse my broken English.
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