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Newbie - V8 Vantage Roadster search

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Hi all new to the forum but not the form set up and car scene. I have recently sold my Bentley GT Continental which I chose over an AM 3 years ago. There wasnt much in it for me but more spcae for the kids swayed me to the Bentley. However that didnt turn put well.

so I am now looking for an AM V8 Vantage roadster. I am looking around on the usual platforms but am not coming up with either anything I like and or price range.


low as possible mileage
budget up to £35k

any pointers where to look, is anyone selling on here and advice if better to buy through a dealer and also what to look out forwhen purchasing as in what major work should have been done before I buy. The Bentley was bullet proof and only cost me the service costs each year which at £800 was OK. I dont wish to buy something that is going to go ping straight away so any advice would be great. If anyone is selling please do PM me. UK based.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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