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Looking to purchase a 2005-07 DB9...........I own a 12 cyl. Ferrari, even produce aftermarket parts & upgrades,and build offroad vehicles & aftermarket billet items.
I do ALL my own work.

I want to first get as much info about this era DB9 so I know what to avoid or what to take-on, as long as I know that.....I can make the repairs/up-grades and or procure the parts to get the car correct.

I'm not adverse to buying a "driver"! I plan on driving the car and not just wax it and garage it!

Currently I am looking at a 2005 with 68K miles on it........reportedly NO issues, 2nd owner, whom has logged the last 60K on the odometer....I will get to see and drive the vehicle in about 2 weeks if it is still available..........

What should I look for?
What should I be feeling or NOT feeling behind the wheel and under my feet?
What should I be hearing from the engine and trans?

I ask because I know what I would look, feel and hear on a Testarossa or a Maranello or an old Maserati Biturbo that would alert me immediately that there were issues and also I would know the "costs" involved........But as I said when it comes to a DB9...I'm a rookie!

Or if anyone knows of a good "driver" example here in the US..let me know!!

Any help would be mucch appreciated.

Rookie Me
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