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newbie with a few questions

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Hello to all,

Let me say that it is a privelege to be part of this forum and I hope to gain much from this community. I am a recent owner of an '05 db9 and am in love with it. I do have a couple of issues i wanted some advice on.

1) My passenger tail light is partly out (the segment closest to the median). I was told that I need to replece the whole light. Is that true? and if so, does anyone have instructions as to how and where i can find an inexpensive replacement?

2) This might illustrate my lack of automotive prowess but i was replacing windsheild washer fluid and it seems like it was leaking out so i'm not sure what's going on there. Has anyone heard of something similar?

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I suggest you also become a member of, and post your questions on:

You'll find this site very active and very helpful.
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