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Stock Exhaust Crossover Questions

Hi, I was wondering if the typical Aston Martin (4.3L, 4.7L, or even 6.0L(5.9L)) joins the exhaust banks in the muffler?

A nice gentleman at Aston Martin sent me some factory diagrams and it looks like there is no crossover pipe from after cats, but I am wondering about the mufflers. There is a lot of marketing in exhaust upgrades for adding an X-pipe right after the catalytics for a few extra horsepower.

Has anyone cut open an old muffler (the smaller 2 in/2 out, or larger 2 in/2 out) and confirmed if they merge the banks there?

If they don't merge in the muffler most Astons would essentially have true duals or divorced duals. X pipes are cool, but I personally think the stock exhaust sounds almost perfect; I do like the resonator deletes, however. The sound is very textured with character, and bordering a nice high pitch from it's revving nature.

I attached some pictures below.
Thank you so much. Respectfully, V8DOHC

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