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Officially owner now :)

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Flew down & closed deal over the weekend, '08 Vantage V8 SS Roadster, so far perfect service & experience, once car arrives at the house & off truck I will post my full experience of finding & buying this car, as well as the Aston Dealer that made it happen :D


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congrats just got mine 2 weeks ago !!
Congrats to you as well! Now we wait for roads worth driving on...:rolleyes:

Itching to drive my too. I have the same but in Coupe model. When will this snow go away!

Also came from a Maserati Coupe.


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Congrats! I remember the day like it was yesterday!
Very nice, I just picked up my 2007 coupe two days ago, These are great cars, and buying used is a great way to go.
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